The NA Beer Solutions Handbook

Download to enhance your NA beer


Enhance Your NA Beer for a Full-Strength Beer Experience

NA beer production can be complicated, and much of the flavor and aroma that makes full-strength beer satisfying is lost during the process. To help remedy those challenges, we’ve designed a series of science and sensory-based solutions, so you can create more authentic NA beer.

With this handbook, you’ll learn:

  • Description of NA beer pain points for consumers

  • The drivers of difference between full-strength and NA beer, and how to address them

  • Why it's important to combine analytical and sensory evaluations when perfecting your NA beer recipe

  • Our process to enhance consumer preferred characteristics in your NA beer

Download this handbook to start bridging the gaps between full-strength and NA beer so you can deliver the NA beer your consumers are looking for.

cover of handbook depicting several hop buds covered in dew hanging from a vine

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